Meta Protocol: Mark Your Calendar with These Important Dates

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In just one month, we’ve hit some incredible milestones

✅Different stablecoins available in the Crypto space, their utilities and yields

✅Spread awareness about the need for a stable coin that can combat inflation 

✅GMX as a protocol and why we are building on top of it 

✅Arbitrum as a blockchain and its superpowers

✅META Finance, $META tokens and $mUSD

But what makes the experience sweeter is how the project is being welcomed by the community. 

✅Discord: 19,000 +

✅Telegram: 3,000 +

✅Twitter: 17,000 +

Launching a stablecoin and giving yield on top of it isn’t easy, but the enthusiasm and the feedback received from the community make it a worthwhile experience. 

So in order to be more transparent and connected with the community, we’d love to share what the upcoming days are going to look like for Meta Protocol:

  • IDO Whitelisting 

Meta Protocol is whitelisting users for the IDO of its governance token $META. Whitelisting requires completing a simple quest to get entry into the IDO. 

The whitelisted users get an extra 20% META tokens on their $META buy during IDO . Say, if you buy $1 ETH worth of $META, you’ll get $1.2 ETH worth of META in your wallet. 

Whitelist here:

🛑Note: Whitelist ends on July 17, 00:00 UTC / 5.30 PM IST

  • The Audit 

We are audited! Our audits came in on 13th July from Hansfriese, the #1 auditor per the ranks from Code4Arena

You can read the reports here. All the findings have been fixed and verified by the auditors.. 

  • The IDO

The $META token IDO will start on July 17, 1 PM UTC and ends on July 24 1 PM UTC. 

META is an ERC-20 token that will be used for governance, voting, staking, minting, and issuing liquidators’ rewards. 

5% of META’s total supply, i.e., 5 million $META tokens, will be issued at a minimum rate of $0.16/META.

  • The dApp launch

Meta Protocol’s dApp will go live on 24th July. 

Users will be able to mint mUSD tokens using GLP tokens from GMX, the largest DeFi protocol, and DEX on Arbitrum as collateral. mUSD is over-collateralized by GLP by 1.5x

Users can withdraw their tokens instantly if needed—there won’t be any locking periods. 

Furthermore, mUSD will be plugged into other blue chip DeFi protocols on Arbitrum, including Curve Finance, among others. 

We’re excited to bring the new innovation to Arbitrum’s stablecoin and DeFi space. 

To know more about the MetaProtocol and how the mUSD stablecoin is going to work, listen to our AMA with the Arbitrum Daily here.

Join our community and be a part of the stablecoin revolution:


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